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Treating Children: Infections and Immunizations

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Treating Children: Infections and Immunizations

How HMOs scored on meeting national standards of care
Aetna Health of California Inc. PoorOne star
Blue Cross HMO - CaliforniaCare PoorOne star
Blue Shield of California HMO PoorOne star
CIGNA HealthCare of CA PoorOne star
Health Net of California, Inc. PoorOne star
Kaiser Permanente - Northern California GoodThree stars
Kaiser Permanente - Southern California GoodThree stars
PacifiCare of California PoorOne star
Western Health Advantage PoorOne star

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Why Is It Important?

The best HMOs work to prevent childhood diseases. Doctors make sure that children and adolescents get the shots they need. And, when a child or adolescent is ill, doctors only prescribe antibiotics when they are truly necessary.