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Asthma Care

Four stars
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Asthma Care

How HMOs scored on meeting national standards of care
Aetna Health of California Inc. GoodThree stars
Blue Cross HMO - CaliforniaCare GoodThree stars
Blue Shield of California HMO GoodThree stars
CIGNA HealthCare of CA GoodThree stars
Health Net of California, Inc. GoodThree stars
Kaiser Permanente - Northern California ExcellentFour stars
Kaiser Permanente - Southern California GoodThree stars
PacifiCare of California GoodThree stars
Western Health Advantage GoodThree stars

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Why Is It Important?

Top HMOs make sure that adults and children with asthma get the right medicine and know when and how to take their medicine. These medicines help people avoid the wheezing, coughing, and shortness of breath of an asthma attack.