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HMO Statistics

Characteristics of HMOs, and HMO Enrollees

Not only do HMOs vary in the quality of the services they provide, they also differ in the types of plans they offer, and in the physicians they use. HMOs voluntarily report their enrollment in their different product lines, the number of years they have offered HMO services, as well as the number of doctors by specialty to the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA). HMOs also report to NCQA the characteristics of their HMO enrollees. HMO enrollees may differ from HMO to HMO depending on the mix of services covered by the HMO. To find out more about HMO statistics that matter to you, including HMO membership by type of insurance, years in business by type of insurance, number of doctors by specialty, and HMO membership by gender and age, as well as survey information on medical groups that work with HMOs, and HMO enrollee contacts to the Department of Managed Health Care Help Center, click on the links on this page.