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HMO Membership by Type of Insurance

What Was Measured?

The number of enrollees in commercial, MediCal, and Medicare HMO product lines offered by California’s largest HMOs in the 2005 calendar year. HMO membership by type of insurance is not ranked because it is not a quality measure.

Why Is It Important?

Enrollees may feel more comfortable in one HMO than another depending on the range of covered services, the perceived stability of the HMO, or the availability of different types of physicians who best meet their needs. The number of enrollees in an HMO’s commercial, MediCal, and Medicare product lines is one indication of how Californians select their HMO.

What Was the Source?

Data voluntarily reported by California HMOs to the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) and made available through NCQA’s Quality Compass®. The HMO Membership by Type of Insurance data comes from NCQA’s 2005 Quality Compass®, and differs from the 2006 HEDIS and CAHPS quality information found in the 2006 OPA Report Card. The HMO Membership by Type of Insurance data only includes HMO enrollees and therefore can not be compared to the HMO/POS Membership by Age, and Gender data which includes both HMO and Point of Service (POS) enrollees.

HMO Membership by Type of Insurance

* = Self-reported to OPA

HMO Commercial

HMO Medicaid

HMO Medicare

Aetna Health of California Inc. 265,041  25,473 
Blue Cross HMO - CaliforniaCare 1,277,595  820,238  34,178 
Blue Shield of California HMO 1,180,095  56,500 
CIGNA HealthCare of CA 266,929 
Health Net of California, Inc. 1,005,530  597,220  96,350 
Kaiser Permanente - Northern California 2,576,026  54,790  377,283 
Kaiser Permanente - Southern California 2,524,243  50,916  321,430 
PacifiCare of California 1,281,161  Not reported 357,810*
Western Health Advantage 56,149  14,340  2,518