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Answer Customer Phone Calls Quickly

Look for differences of at least four percent.

Smaller differences often are not significant

Answer Customer Phone Calls Quickly

How HMOs scored based on their phone system records
  • 0% (Worse)
  • (Better) 100%
Western Health Advantage 97% Horizontal bar, 97 units
PacifiCare of California 82% Horizontal bar, 82 units
Aetna Health of California Inc. 81% Horizontal bar, 81 units
Kaiser Permanente - Southern California 81% Horizontal bar, 81 units
Health Net of California, Inc. 80% Horizontal bar, 80 units
Kaiser Permanente - Northern California 78% Horizontal bar, 78 units
CIGNA HealthCare of CA 74% Horizontal bar, 74 units
Blue Shield of California HMO 61% Horizontal bar, 61 units
Blue Cross HMO - CaliforniaCare Not willing to report

About This Rating

What Was Measured?

What percentage of members' phone calls to their HMO were answered by a person within the first 30 seconds.

These results are based on the HMO’s phone system records.

Why Is It Important?

HMOs that received a high rating for answering customers’ phone calls quickly means that most calls are answered within 30 seconds and a person who members can talk to answers the calls.