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Getting the Right Medical Care


High scoring medical groups see that patients who are at-risk are screened for deadly diseases. These medical groups make sure that doctors are tracking patients who have a lifelong condition to help them avoid complications or a worsening of the disease. The groups also see that patients, including young children, get vaccines to prevent illness.

Be sure to look at the quality ratings that matter most to you by clicking on those topics to the right. These results are based on patient administrative records from the medical group or HMO. A number of medical groups do not have results for all of the quality topics as they may have too few patients with a particular condition or need.

How well do medical groups and their doctors see that patients get care that meets recommended standards?

Asthma Medication
Childhood Immunizations
Screening for Breast Cancer
Screening for Cervical Cancer
Testing Chlamydia
Testing Blood Sugar
Testing Cholesterol
Controlling Cholesterol*
Controlling Blood Sugar For Diabetes Patients*
*The Controlling Cholesterol and Controlling Blood Sugar for Diabetes Patients scores are not included in the Getting the Right Medical Care medical group ratings. For details, see  About the Medical Group Ratings