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Care for Staying Healthy


The results in Care for Staying Healthy show how well HMOs and their doctors score on:

  • Immunizing children.
  • Screening women for deadly diseases like breast and cervical cancer.
  • Helping smokers quit.
  • Providing pregnancy checkups to protect the health of the mother and her baby.
  • Screening young women for the most common sexually transmitted disease.

How well do HMOs and their doctors help members avoid illness and find problems early when they can best be treated?

Childhood Immunizations
Adolescent Immunizations
Testing for Cancer
Breast Cancer Screening
Cervical Cancer Screening
Colorectal Cancer Screening
Check-ups for Pregnant Women and New Mothers
Visits During Pregnancy
Visits After Delivery
Testing for Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Chlamydia Screening Age 16-20
Chlamydia Screening Age 21-25
Helping Smokers Quit
Doctor Advises Patient to Quit Smoking
* Helping Smokers Quit score is not included in the Care for Staying Healthy health plan ratings. For details, see  About the HMO Ratings