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Children’s Health


Getting vaccine shots is key to preventing many common illnesses among children and adolescents. Higher asthma care scores are a sign that children and adolescents get the right care for a disease that is frightening and dangerous when not well controlled. The best HMOs and their doctors communicate with patients about common health risks - like sexually transmitted disease in younger, sexually active adolescents - and test those patients who are more likely to get such infections like Chlamydia. Good health care also means that children with infections aren't given antibiotics that don't treat the problem.

See how HMOs and their doctors rate in helping children and adolescents get the right medical care to avoid preventable illnesses and get treatments that are proven to work:

Childhood Immunizations
Adolescent Immunizations
Asthma Medicine for Children
Asthma Medicine for Adolescents
Chlamydia Screening Age 16-20
Treating Children with Throat Infections
Treating Children with Upper Respiratory Infections