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Testing Kidney Function for Diabetes Patients

What was measured?

What percentage of HMO members with diabetes had their kidneys tested to watch for signs of kidney damage?

These results are based on a sample of HMO patient administrative and medical records.

Why is it important?

The high blood sugar that affects people with diabetes can cause the kidneys to stop working. Testing urine for signs of kidney problems helps patients and their doctors decide on the best way to manage their diabetes to avoid disease that leads to kidney failure.

Look for differences of at least four percentage points.

Smaller differences are often not significant.

Testing Kidney Function for Diabetes Patients
Health Plan (HMO) Rating
  • 0% (worse)
  • (better) 100%
Kaiser Permanente - Northern California 68%
Health Net of California 61%
CIGNA HealthCare of California 59%
Blue Cross of California - HMO 55%