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Doctor Advises Patient to Quit Smoking

What was measured?

What percentage of HMO members who smoke or quit recently got information from their doctor about ways to quit smoking in the past year?

These results are based on a survey of a sample of HMO members.

Why is it important?

A smoker who is trying to quit is much more likely to stop smoking if a doctor spends a few minutes advising the person about quitting. Most smokers want to quit and many try but few succeed. Good health care means knowing which patients smoke, advising them about steps to quit and regularly following up to help them find ways to break the addiction.

Look for differences of at least four percentage points.

Smaller differences are often not significant.

Doctor Advises Patient to Quit Smoking
Health Plan (HMO) Rating
  • 0% (worse)
  • (better) 100%
Kaiser Permanente - Northern California 78%
Health Net of California 68%
Blue Cross of California - HMO 60%
CIGNA HealthCare of California Too few patients in sample to report