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Controlling Cholesterol

What was measured?

What percentage of HMO members' cholesterol levels were well controlled after a heart attack or other serious heart problem or surgery?

These results are based on a sample of HMO patient administrative and medical records.

Why is it important?

Controlling cholesterol for people with heart disease is key to seeing that the disease does not get worse and avoiding heart attacks or other complications like stroke. Getting the right care to control cholesterol means help with eating right, exercise and medication.

Look for differences of at least four percentage points.

Smaller differences are often not significant.

Controlling Cholesterol
Health Plan (HMO) Rating
  • 0% (worse)
  • (better) 100%
Kaiser Permanente - Northern California 79%
CIGNA HealthCare of California 71%
Health Net of California 71%
Blue Cross of California - HMO 69%