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Chlamydia Screening Age 16-20

What was measured?

What percentage of women in the HMO, who are ages 16-20 and sexually active, were tested for chlamydia?

These results are based on a sample of HMO patient administrative records.

Why is it important?

Finding sexually transmitted diseases early is key to curing the disease, preventing the spread to others, and avoiding harmful complications if left untreated. Women who have chlamydia can use antibiotic medicine to eliminate the infection and avoid complications including pelvic inflammatory disease and infertility.

Look for differences of at least four percentage points.

Smaller differences are often not significant.

Chlamydia Screening Age 16-20
Health Plan (HMO) Rating
  • 0% (worse)
  • (better) 100%
Kaiser Permanente - Northern California 60%
CIGNA HealthCare of California 31%
Health Net of California 29%
Blue Cross of California - HMO 27%