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Asthma Medicine for Adolescents

What was measured?

What percentage of adolescents in the HMO who have asthma got the right medicine - called anti-inflammatories - for their asthma?

These results are based on a sample of HMO patient administrative records.

Why is it important?

Most people with asthma need certain medicines to help avoid asthma attacks and to relieve wheezing, coughing and shortness of breath. These medicines are part of the daily efforts of people with asthma to avoid the pain, anxiety or even death that results from asthma.

Look for differences of at least four percentage points.

Smaller differences are often not significant.

Asthma Medicine for Adolescents
Health Plan (HMO) Rating
  • 0% (worse)
  • (better) 100%
Health Net of California 70%
Blue Cross of California - HMO 65%
Kaiser Permanente - Northern California 63%
CIGNA HealthCare of California 62%