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Birth Profiles by Zip Code

Birth Profiles by ZIP Code consist of the number of live births, based on the mother's residence at the time of delivery and include aggregates by Race/Ethnic Group of Mother, Age of Mother, Infant Birthweight, and Prenatal Care Trimester by ZIP Code.  These key health status indicators at the ZIP code level can be used to perform small area analysis to identify and target areas within cities and counties where public health programs may be needed.   

Race and Ethnic Categories

Mother's race/ethnicity was classified into seven mutually exclusive groups from 1989 through 1999: Asian/Pacific Islander, Black, Filipino, Hispanic, Native American, White, and Other/Unknown.  All mothers who indicated they were of Spanish/Hispanic Origin, regardless of their race, were enumerated in the "Hispanic" group.  Therefore, with the exception of the "Hispanic" group, the remaining six race groups in these tables include mothers who indicated that they were non-Hispanic. The "Asian/Pacific Islander" race group includes Asian Indian, Cambodian, Chinese, Guamanian, Hawaiian, Japanese, Korean, Laotian, Pacific Islander, Samoan, Thai, Vietnamese, and other Asian.  The "Native American" race group includes Aleut, American Indian, and Eskimo.

Effective with 2000 data, the Asian/Pacific Islander group was further disaggregated into Asian (Asian Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and other Asian), Southeast Asian (Cambodian, Hmong, Laotian, Thai, and Vietnamese) and Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander (Guamanian, Hawaiian, Samoan, and Other Pacific Islander).  Furthermore, mothers now have the option to report more than one race.  Those who reported two or more of the above categories we tabulated as "Two + Races."

Trend Data

Data are presented for ZIP codes with five or more live births. When examining data in ZIP codes with very small live birth numbers (n < 100), caution must be exercised because very small numbers may be unreliable and subject to significant variability from one year to the next.  Additional information concerning the data source and limitations is discussed in Vital Statistics of California reports. 

While these tables present data only for a single year, multiple years of these tables may be used to observe trends within ZIP codes of interest.  Additional trend data on low birth weight infants, prenatal care, and mother's age and race/ethnicity can be found in the Reports Section and on the Birth Statistical Data Tables page.


Birth Profiles by ZIP Code tables for live births occurring between 1989 and 2007 are available in PDF and Microsoft Excel and may be accessed by clicking on the corresponding year below:

  • 2007 (PDF, 1.6MB)Opens in a new browser window.... 2006 (1.6MB) | 2005 | 2004 | 2003 | 2002 | 2001 | 2000 | 1999 | 1998 | 1997 | 1996 | 1995 | 1994 | 1993 | 1992 | 1991 | 1990 | 1989 
  • 2007 (Excel, 1.6MB)Opens in a new browser window.... 2006 (1.6MB) |2005 | 2004 | 2003 | 2002 | 2001 | 2000 | 1999 | 1998 | 19971996 | 1995 | 1994 | 1993 | 1992 | 1991 | 1990 | 1989
  • Hard copies of these tables are available for purchase.  Each year costs $5. To order hard copies of any of these tables, please use this order form.


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