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RFP #4198

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Technical Resource Library

CalWORKs Welfare-to-Work/Refugee Employment Services and Stage 1 Child Care Payment Services

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Welfare-to-Work Program Guide


NumberDocument Title
10-001Background - General Description of CalWORKs
A. Background
B. Federal Work Participation Rate (WPR)
C. Glossary of WTW Terms
10-005Welfare-to-Work Sequence and Detail
A. Welfare-to-Work Sequence and Detail Summary
B. Overview of Eligibility Staff Responsibility
C. Summary of Employment Staff Responsibility
D. Welfare-to-Work Appraisal
E. Initial Job Search
F. Assessment and Reassessment
G. Welfare-to-Work Plan
H. Welfare-to-Work Activities/Components
I. Welfare-to-Work Progress Review/Self-Sufficiency Review
J. Case Transfers and Returns Between Regions
10-006Learning Disabilities
A. Learning Disabilities
B. Learning Disability Screening/Exemptions
C. Learning Disabilities Evaluation
D. Reasonable Accommodations and Modifications
E. Additional Requirements for Participants with Verified LD
F. LD Good Cause and Sanctions
10-010Child Care
A. Child Care Overview
B. Communication and Reporting Changes for Child Care
C. Documentation and Notification Requirements
D. Eligibility Requirements for CalWORKs Stage 1 Child Care
E. Child Care Providers Overview
F. Trustline Registry Overview
G. Child Care Payment
H. Transition From Stage 1 to Stage 2 Child Care
I. CalWORKs Intake Staff Actions
J. CalWORKs Granted Staff Actions
K. Employment Case Managers Actions
10-011Supportive Services
A. Supportive Services Payments Overview
B. Supportive Services Payments Transportation
C. Supportive Services Ancillary Expenses
D. Mental Health Services
E. Substance Abuse Services
F. Domestic Abuse Services
10-015Special Cases
A. Self–Initiated Programs (SIPs)
B. Pregnant or Parenting Teens Not in Cal-Learn
C. CalWORKs Reunification Families
10-020Exemptions and Good Cause
A. Exemptions from Welfare-to-Work
B. Good Cause for Not Participating
10-025Compliance Process
A. Compliance Process For Welfare to Work Participation
B. Sanction Review Process for Contracted Staff
C. Cause Determination for Welfare to Work Noncompliance
D. Compliance Plan
E. Sanction Application
F. Sanction Cure Process
G. Compliance Process for Two Parent Families for Welfare to Work Participation
H. Special Circumstances and Welfare-to-Work Sanctions
I. Sanctions and State Hearings
10-030Participant's Rights
A. Hearings
B. Appeals Representative
C. Aid Paid Pending (APP)
D. Appeals, HSS, ECM Responsibility Prior To Hearing
E. Conditional Withdrawal/Out-of-Hearing Resolution (OHR)
F. Welfare Investigations Responsibility Prior to Hearing
G. State Hearing
H. Welfare-to-Work Grievance Policy
I. Sanctions and State Hearings
10-100Work Experience - Community Service
A. Work Experience (WEX) – Community Service (CSR)
B. Calculating Maximum Hours of WEX/CSR for Assignment
C. WEX/CSR Activity Assignment/Requirements
D. Work Site Development
E. Cooperative Agreements
F. Accident Procedures
G. Case Controls and Statistics
10-200Refugee Employment Services Plan
A. Refugee Employment Services
10-250Supportive Service Payments in Non-County Regions
10-300Performance Measures/Documentation Requirements
A. Performance Reports
B. Performance Objectives
C. Completion of MPR/Document Retention/Regional Monitoring
D. Matrix of WTW Performance Measures
E. WTW Activity Documentation and Reporting Requirements