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Community Epidemiology

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Community Epidemiology

Disease Surveillance

For more information phone 619-515-6620 or send us an email.

Community Epidemiology conducts a program of ongoing public health surveillance for over 80 diseases and conditions. Local surveillance activities include communicable disease surveillance, monitoring emerging infections and the detection and investigation of disease outbreaks. Prevention and control efforts also include communication with health care providers about local disease patterns and serving as a consultant to the medical community on issues of disease prevention and health information.

Facilities where this Service is offered:


West Nile Virus Surveillance

The Community Epidemiology Branch (CEB) works in collaboration with the San Diego Public Health Laboratory to detect, monitor, and respond to suspect human cases of West Nile virus (WNV). CEB provides local healthcare providers with clinical and testing guidelines for WNV, submission forms for WNV testing, and facilitates referrals to the California Department of Public Health's Viral and Rickettsial Disease Laboratory (VDRL) for further testing and confirmation.

West Nile Virus Links:


Influenza Surveillance

The San Diego County offices of Community Epidemiology, Immunization, and the Public Health Laboratory, with the assistance of our sentinel surveillance partners throughout San Diego County, conduct year-round influenza surveillance. Local influenza surveillance efforts include the cooperation of participating schools, hospitals, laboratories, and medical professionals.

Current Weekly Influenza Surveillance Summary - Influenza Watch

Physicians and laboratories are encouraged to report positive influenza detections to the Public Health Laboratory year round by phone (619-692-8500) or fax (619-692-8558) and when possible, to submit specimens for viral culture and isolate subtyping.

For more information about influenza surveillance in San Diego County or to learn how your medical facility might partner with the Community Epidemiology Division, please call 619-531-4945.

Enhanced Surveillance for Influenza-Associated Pediatric ICU Admissions and Pediatric Deaths

Please contact Epidemiology at (619) 515-6620 to report severe pediatric influenza: children age 0-17 who are hospitalized or who died with influenza or complications of influenza.

Febrile Respiratory Illness Outbreak Reporting

Please contact Epidemiology at (619) 515-6620 to report outbreaks of febrile respiratory illness, including 2 or more non-household members ill with similar symptoms in community settings (ie. school, workplace), or 2 or more persons ill in a congregated living setting (ie. skilled nursing or other facility).

Past Season Summaries - Click below to view a San Diego County influenza season summary:

Influenza Information Links:


Communicable Disease Links

The following links provide useful information regarding disease outbreaks. These sites are intended to be informational and are not necessarily endorsed by the San Diego County Health & Human Services Agency.





For more information phone 619-515-6620 or send us an email.