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Family to Family

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Family to Family

Family to Family South Region

For more information phone 619-336-5775 or send us an email.

Facilities where this Service is offered:

The overall purpose of the Family-to-Family Initiative is to provide opportunities for states and communities to re-conceptualize, redesign, and reconstruct their foster care system to achieve a new system-wide goal approach. This focuses on developing a network of family foster care that is more neighborhood-based, culturally sensitive, and located primarily in the communities in which the children live. The mission is to reduce reliance on institutional or congregate care; to increase the number and quality of foster families; to reduce the lengths of stay and decrease the overall number of children in out-of-home care; and to involve foster families as team members in family reunification efforts.

There are three committees in the South Region Family-to-Family program.

  • The Foster Home Recruitment committee conducts outreach to faith organizations and schools with the goal of increasing the number of foster homes for teens and children.
  • The Foster Home Retention committee seeks ways to support the foster families thereby reducing the number of families who terminate their foster care license.
  • The Substance Abuse Committee bridges the information and communication gap between parents, social workers, foster parents and substance abuse treatment providers. The committee's activities aim to increase the understanding and support of the parent's recovery.

For additional information about the national effort under Family-to-Family, contact the Annie E. Casey Foundation


For more information phone 619-336-5775 or send us an email.