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Commission on Children, Youth and Families - CCYF

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Commission on Children, Youth and Families - CCYF

CCYF Committees

The Commission has various committees through which most of its work will be conducted. Ad-hocs and task forces are formed on an as needed basis.

Facilities where this Service is offered:

The Commission has the following standing committees through which most of its work is conducted:

  • The Joint Domestic Violence Council & Child Abuse Prevention Steering Committee, provides leadership, resource development, education & coordination to protect children from exposure to violence, abuse or neglect. The Steering Committee provides a forum for inter-agency coordination in the prevention, detection, and treatment of child abuse, and promotes public awareness of the abuse and neglect of children. The Steering Committee oversees the Child Abuse Prevention Consortium (CAPC), which provides a forum for child welfare professionals for networking, collaboration, and professional development. The Consortium facilitates training on issues related to child abuse and neglect, and increases cultural competency among professionals by hosting the Diversity Schoolhouse trainings.
  • Joint Education and Foster Youth Services Advisory Committee: Provides oversight, support and coordination of programs and policies that lead to improved educational outcomes for youth within the dependency and delinquency systems. For efficiency and to reduce duplication of effort, the Committee also functions as the San Diego County Office of Education Foster Youth Services Advisory Committee (FYSAC).
  • Executive Committee: Composed of the Commission's Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Executive Director of the Commission, and members appointed by the Chair. This committee sets the full Commission meeting agenda and provides oversight of the work of the committees.
  • Fairness & Equity Committee: Formed to examine the issue of the overrepresentation of persons of color in child serving systems. The key focus areas of this committee are to raise awareness and openly discuss the nature and extent of the problem; identify structural factors contributing to disproportionality; use data to identify the issues and assess success at addressing disproportionality; and identify and monitor implementation of strategies to improve racial equity in treatment and outcomes.
  • Partnership Committee: Develops and strengthens partnerships among government, councils, commissions, advisory bodies, and the community to develop the knowledge and skills to improve outcomes for children, youth and families.