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Child Welfare Services

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Child Welfare Services

Child Abuse Hotline

For more information phone 858-560-2191.

The Hotline receives referrals from community. The Hotline social worker does an immediate assessment of the referral. If the child is determined to be at risk a social worker is assigned to investigate. Within the State of California you may call toll free 1(800) 344-6000.

The 24-hour Hotline is staffed by trained social workers who receive calls about child abuse, molestation and neglect. Each call is logged and evaluated as to the level of possible risk to the child. Neighbors, friends or relatives concerned about a child's safety, parents who are afraid they may hurt or neglect their child, and children who believe they are being abused should telephone the Hotline to discuss their concerns. Referrals to resources and additional help is given to any who have that need.

Some individuals are identified by law as mandated reporters. Doctors, nurses, social workers and teachers, for example, must contact authorities if they suspect or are told about child abuse.

If it is determined that the child may be in immediate danger, a social worker and/or law enforcement officer will make a home visit within a few hours of receiving notification. If there is not an immediate danger, a social worker will investigate within three to ten days of receiving a call if it is determined that the child may be at risk.