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Inpatient Health Services

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Inpatient Health Services - Edgemoor

Edgemoor - History

For more information send us an email or phone 619-596-5500.

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In June of 1923, San Diego County purchased the Edgemoor Farm, including 375 acres of land, equipment and animals for a purchase price of $205,000. The site was originally used to house indigents citizens who contributed chores to the ranch for a place to live.

In the fall of 1923, sixteen (16) ladies from the San Diego County Hospital moved into the two-story Dupee home on the grounds. The buildings on the Edgemoor Farm property provided ambulatory and custodial care for elderly indigent persons on need of some medical care.

Until 1945, the wards were really diary barns. Edgemoor Farm was self-supporting. Cows, pigs and chickens were maintained for eggs, meat, milk and many varieties of fruits and vegetables were grown. Also, much of the foodstuffs were sold to other County Institutions such as the County Hospital, Anthony Home, the County Jail and Honor Camp, the Vauclain home and other County-owned facilities. Honor Camp inmates helped with the many ranch-type chores.

In 1945, Edgemoor Farm became the Home of the Aged and Indigent of San Diego County and in 1947, two dairy barns were converted to house partially or completely bedridden patients.

By 1955, farming activities were phased out, a patient care building was constructed and the Edgemoor Farm facility was a licensed Public Medical Institution and the name was changed to Edgemoor Geriatric Hospital.

Trying to escape the stigma of "poor farm," buildings were given Spanish names: Santa Maria, Barona, Carillo, Pico, Ortega, Yarba, Serra and Couts after the original old San Diego families and Spanish Land Grants. During 1951, Edgemoor Geriatric Hospital began providing skilled nursing and rehabilitative care, primarily to elderly indigent persons. Also in 1951, Edgemoor Geriatric Hospital received 169 patients from Camp Elliot.

Edgemoor Geriatric Hospital housed the first fire engine in Santee, which was manned by volunteers of Edgemoor employees. Since all water was obtained from wells, one of the first things built was a water tank that was used weekly and refilled with fresh water. The water district later piped water into Edgemoor Farm to be used only for fire fighting.

One of the hardest chores was to push the food carts from the kitchen to the wards as there was no paving at all, and the dust and heat as well as winter's cold and mud made this an extremely hard chore.

In 1960 that Edgemoor became the first facility in California to be licensed as a "Specialty Geriatric Hospital." In 1962 a new rehabilitation center was built and the facility name changed to Edgemoor Hospital.

It has been unselfish dedication from the County Leaders, Edgemoor staff and Community volunteers, almost tireless in their determination, which has maintained the highest standard of care at Edgemoor, which is now a distinct part of the San Diego County Psychiatric Hospital.


For more information send us an email or phone 619-596-5500.