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In-Home Supportive Services
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In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS)

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In-Home Supportive Services

Public Authority

For more information send an email or phone 866-351-7722

The Public Authority is the employer of record for care providers who assist IHSS clients.

The In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) Public Authority Registry is a free service to IHSS recipients (consumers) needing assistance with locating and hiring a provider. The Registry Coordinators, similar to social workers, assist consumers through this process. They work closely with the consumer to identify which IHSS authorized task they need assistance with, which enables them to create a computer-generated list of providers that best match the consumer's needs.

Another function of the Registry Coordinators is to help consumers understand their role of being the employer of a provider. The Registry Coordinators provide over-the-phone counseling to both consumers and providers, assisting them in understanding and effectively working in their respective roles.

One of the primary goals of the Registry is to have a sufficient number of qualified providers, in all areas of San Diego County, available to work for IHSS consumers when they are in need of assistance. In order to meet the consumer demand, the Registry staff continuously recruits, screens and trains individuals countywide that are interested in working as IHSS providers. Prior to being added to the Registry, all provider applicants must pass a Department of Justice criminal background check, reference checks and attend a mandatory orientation.


For more information, or to refer a consumer or potential provider to the IHSS Public Authority, send an email or phone 866-351-7722