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In-Home Supportive Services
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In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS)

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In-Home Supportive Services

IHSS provides homemaker and personal care assistance to persons receiving Supplemental Security Income or who have a low income and need aid in the home to remain independent.

For more information send an email or phone 800-510-2020

Services offered by In-Home Supportive Services:


About IHSS

Having help with tasks around the house not only makes the lives of seniors and the disabled easier, but in some cases, it allows the person to remain in his or her home. In-Home Supportive Services provides domestic and personal help, such as:

  • Grooming and bathing.
  • Help with dressing.
  • Housecleaning.
  • Shopping.
  • Laundry.
  • Meal preparation and clean up.

Who provides IHSS Services?

  • In-Home Supportive Services are provided by independent providers/homemakers.
  • The IHSS recipient is the employer of his/her homemaker and is responsible for hiring and supervising the provider.



There are several criteria which go into determining eligibility for In-Home Supportive Services. The following will assist you to determine if you or someone you know might qualify.

To be eligible for IHSS, an individual must:

  • Fall within the financial eligibility guidelines;
  • Be blind or disabled, or age 65-plus;
  • AND be unable to live at home safely without help

Financial Criteria:

  • Persons receiving SSI/SSP
  • Persons not receiving SSI/SSP may be eligible, but might be required to pay part of the costs

How to Apply:

  • Your application will be taken over the phone. If there is a possibility that you might be eligible, your application will be assigned to a social worker.
  • The social worker will make an appointment to meet with you at your home. He or she will talk with you about your medical condition, living arrangement and what help you might be getting from your family, friends or others.
  • The social worker will also talk with you more about IHSS and the particular services you need. You will discuss how often you need those services. Your doctor may be consulted to verify your medical condition.
  • A specialist in eligibility will determine what costs, if any, you may be required to pay for the services you receive.


For more information send an email or phone 800-510-2020