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Health Promotions
About AIS Health Promotions
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Health Promotions

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Health Promotions

Health Promotions educates and motivates older adults to take responsibility for their health through a lifestyle of good nutrition and fitness.

For more information send us an email or phone 858-495-5998


About AIS Health Promotions

The Health Promotions unit educates and motivates older adults about taking responsibility for their health through a lifestyle of good nutrition and fitness. Two major focus areas of the Health Promotions Unit include fall prevention and diabetes. A major goal is to increase opportunities for older adults to participate in physical activities.

Representatives from a network of senior, health and other community organizations meet monthly to exchange information and cooperate in collaborative programs.

Fall Prevention

Comprehensive fall prevention involves a multi-faceted approach, including: medication management, strength and balance training, chronic disease management, correct use of assistive devices, physical and occupational therapy, home safety modification, education and awareness, and more. AIS and our community Fall Prevention Task Force offer a variety of services and information:

  • "Matter of Balance": AIS partners with Silver Age Yoga to offer this free course, an 8-session course for seniors to learn balance skills and other fall prevention methods. This is a state-of-the-art, nationally recognized curriculum known to prevent falls. The classes will be taught through this yoga school. Seniors may call (858) 495-5500 for more information.
  • DVD titled "Don't Fall for It!": Includes 30 minute educational video, 10 minute version of the video and three 30 second PSAs.  The DVD will be available at libraries and through other senior organizations. The video is also accessible on the network of care website:  Organizational representatives may request a DVD by calling Romalyn Galacgac at (858) 495-5500. Fall prevention information pamphlets in English, Spanish, Chinese and Vietnamese. If seniors call (858) 495-5500, we can send them a pamphlet.
  • AIS offers free "Feeling Fit" exercise classes for seniors at many locations around the county. These classes build strength and flexibility and are paced for seniors. Exercise is one of the best things seniors can do to prevent falls. Call (858) 495-5500 to find a site near you. Also, the class is shown on CTN at 8 a.m. and 1 p.m., Monday through Friday: Cox Channels 19 or 24; TimeWarner, Ch. 22; Adephia, Ch 66
  • AIS partners with AARP California and Jewish Family Services (JFS) on the "Fix-It" home repair program, which serves the Central and North Central areas. Volunteers come to seniors' homes to install safety features such as grab-bars. For more information on this program, contact JFS at (619) 583-3300, ext 321. Interfaith Community Services has a similar program that serves North County: 760-489-6380, ext. 225.
  • AIS works with the AIS Fall Prevention Task Force to disseminate information about fall prevention. We can arrange for a speaker to come to your organization, senior center or facility. For more information, call (858) 495-5500.
  • To join the AIS Fall Prevention Task Force, (meets 2nd Tuesday of each month at 1:00 at AIS building, 9335 Hazard Way) contact AIS Health Promotions manager, email Kristen Smith or call (858) 495-5061.
  • More information on Fall Prevention may be found at San Diego's Network of Care website:

Feeling Fit Clubs

22 sites and TV program: Exercise classes designed for seniors. Click here for more information.

Community Education

Seminars: Information, motivation and educational programs are presented at nutrition centers, senior centers, day care, church groups, clubs and senior organizations on various subjects relating to health.

Vital Aging: Caring for Yourself and Others

In June 2001, AIS hosted the first Vital Aging conference and it has been held in alternating years since then. The target audience for the conference includes older adults in San Diego as well as service providers. The purpose of the Vital Aging conference is to encourage and empower seniors to adopt healthy lifestyles. Each conference has included a celebrity keynote speaker, which serves to attract a large audience and inspire the participants. A planning committee made up of seniors, service providers, community organizations, and AIS staff has planned each conference. In addition to a keynote speaker, each conference has had several local speakers, an exercise or stretch break, and an exhibit hall with information booths from area service providers, retirement communities and community organizations. The themes of the conference vary from year to year. The Vital Aging conference is very popular with seniors. Evaluations have indicated that the conference helped increase their knowledge of health and fitness.

Flu Shot Hotline

Program is usually offered from October through December. To get a site near you, call (877) FLU-0202.

Meet-the-Pharmacist days

Medication management with volunteer pharmacists. Seniors bring their medications, over-the-counter products, and herbal medications to brown-bag medication reviews. These events are scheduled four times per year in the various regions of the county and are organized in partnership with community organizations. Events also include a community resource fair and informational seminars.

AIS Health Promotions Community Committees

Health Promotions committee

2ndTuesday of each month, 2:30 to 4 p.m. at AIS, 9335 Hazard Way, San Diego

The Health Promotions committee is made up of various community organizational representatives and seniors. This group participates in the above activities and provides advice, outreach assistance, as well as conducts some of their own activities. The Health Promotions committee is also involved in the planning of the biennial Vital Aging conference.

Fall Prevention Task Force:

2nd Tuesday of each month, 1 to 2 p.m. at AIS, 9335 Hazard Way, San Diego

The ongoing goal of the committee is outreach and education to the seniors and care providers of SD County in the area of Fall Injury Prevention. These include creation of fall prevention pamphlets, conducting hundreds of fall prevention seminars for seniors, developing the "Don't Fall for It" DVD, and organizing health and safety fairs.


For more information send us an email or phone 858-495-5998