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Caregiver Support - AIS

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Caregiver Support - AIS

For more information send us an email or phone 800-510-2020 (within San Diego County) or 800-339-4661 (outside the County).

Aging & Independence Services helps family members and others who provide care for a loved one.


Family Caregiver Support Program

If you regularly aid an older relative maintain his or her quality of life, you are a caregiver. You help your loved one and the Family Caregiver Support Program can help you.

Who we serve

  • Adult family caregivers of individuals, age 60 and older, in San Diego County.
  • Grandparent caregivers of minors, where the minor is a relative of the caregiver, and resides with the caregiver, in San Diego County.

Services we provide

  • Assistance to caregivers through contracted providers
  • Comprehensive assessment
  • Care management
  • Professionally administered support groups and counseling
  • Caregiver skills training
  • Respite care
  • Personal care services
  • Homemaker services
  • Chore services
  • Home-delivered meals (specialized diets)
  • Legal services
  • Adult day care services
  • Home-delivered meals
  • Grandparent caregiver support
  • Outreach and education

What is unique about this service?

  • The caregiver, rather than the care receiver, is the client in the Caregiver Support Program.
  • This program is part of the National Caregiver Support Program, which recognizes the critical need for training, assistance, and relief, for caregivers in a role that can last for years.
  • The Family Caregiver Support Program offers a seamless system of home and community-based caregiver support services.

How do we charge for our services?

Service providers may operate under a suggested contribution/sliding-scale fee.

How do people apply?

  • Caregivers seeking legal assistance can contact Elder Law & Advocacy at 858-565-1392 or click here for more information.
  • Grandparents who are caring for grandchildren should call the AIS Call Center at 800-510-2020
  • All other caregivers should call Southern Caregiver Resource Center at 800-827-1008 or click here for more information.

What alternatives are there to this service?

Contact the AIS Call Center 800-510-2020 for information about potential alternatives.


Adult Day Care Programs

Adult day care programs are ideal for otherwise socially isolated adults who enjoy peer support, but aren't as active as those who attend senior centers. Social day care for older adults provides nonmedical services, including social activities, supervision and assistance with daily living activities.

These centers also provide a break for family caregivers, who can drop off their loved one and have time to take care of other tasks or just relax.

For a list of Adult day care centers click here.


Alzheimer's Day Care

Family caregivers assisting persons with Alzheimer's disease can greatly benefit from respite, which is provided by enrolling their loved one in a specialized day program. These day programs also provided valuable interaction for seniors with Alzheimer's disease and related memory problems.

For a listing of Alzheimer's day care centers, click here.


For more information send us an email or phone 800-510-2020 (within San Diego County) or 800-339-4661 (outside the County).