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For more information send us an email.

The County of San Diego formerly had five organizations that provided either health services or social services to county residents; they were:

  1. The Department of Health Services
  2. The Department of Social Services
  3. The Department of Veterans Services
  4. The Area Agency on Aging
  5. Commission on Children Youth and Family

In late 1996, the County Board of Supervisors approved the merging of these organizations into a single Agency. In early 1998, still another organization was placed within the Agency -- the Public Administrator and Public Guardian. By bringing these many services and programs "under one roof," the delivery of health services and social services could be streamlined and integrated. Moreover, the Agency could be transformed into a more efficient, effective, and client-focused organization.

The County of San Diego is an innovator in offering this model of service delivery. Additionally, to better meet the needs of San Diego County's diverse populations, six geographic service regions were established:

  • Central
  • East
  • North Central
  • North Coastal
  • North Inland
  • South

Some services are in higher demand in one region than they may be in another, and this regional system allows the Agency to focus services in areas where they are needed, to provide maximum efficiency.


For more information send us an email.