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Medflies Found in Fallbrook and Escondido

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Three Medflies have been found in Fallbrook, prompting a new quarantine area to be established there.

Additionally, three more Mediterranean fruit flies have been trapped in Escondido, prompting County and State agriculture officials to expand the existing quarantine.

“Our first concern is the protection of fruit production in these areas, both backyard and commercial agriculture” said County Agricultural Commissioner Robert Atkins.

“Detection efforts and immediate treatments are going to help us safeguard local fruit.”

Boundaries for the new Fallbrook quarantine are currently being developed by County and State agriculture officials.

The expanded quarantine area for Escondido is expected to be mapped and released this week. All new find site locations, along with adjacent properties, are being treated with Naturalyte, which contains the active ingredient Spinosad, a naturally-occurring extract from bacteria.

Residents who live within a 200-meter radius of each find site will be notified that their properties will be treated this week. Also, homeowners and others visiting the affected area are urged not to remove backyard fruits and vegetables because the produce could be infested.

The fruit is being stripped from the trees within 100 meters of the fly find locations in the Fallbrook area today and early this week. This is to eliminate any eggs and maggots in the fruit which prevents them from being carried out of the area and spreading the infestation.

The Medfly can attack more than 260 different fruits and vegetables.

The female lays eggs inside the fruit, which hatch into maggots that tunnel through the flesh of the fruit, making it inedible.

If the problem is untreated, commercial growers in San Diego County could lose as much as $280 million worth of crops.

A map of current Medfly quarantine areas in the county is available here.

To report maggots in fruit that is not decayed, call (800) 491-1899.

Residents with fruit trees in their yards who would like a fruit fly trap placed on their property can call (800) 300-8727 (TRAP).

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