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Gov. Schwarzenegger Proclaims Drought

Conserve Water While Keeping Your Garden Green!

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native plant
With Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's declaration of statewide drought, there is a greater need than ever to conserve water.

The County Television Network's (CTN) "Down to Earth" program offers several episodes that will help you make the most of moisture this summer:

Water-Saving Irrigation for Your Garden  (Watch it!)
Without much rain, garden sprinklers play a key role in your plants’ survival but also can contribute to wasteful watering. Learn how to use zoning to reduce your water usage.  

Mulch for More Moisture  (Watch it!)
Spreading shredded mulch on top of bare garden soil helps save water by preventing it from evaporating or washing away. Find out where County residents can get all the free mulch that will fit in a truck!

Mediterranean Makeover (Watch it!)
Turn a thirsty lawn into a beautiful and water-wise garden.
Plants used for this project.

Mediterranean Plant Palate (Watch it!)
It's not difficult to resist the urge to throw down turf once you've seen the smart style of Mediterranean landscaping.
Plants used for this project.

Native Plants (Watch it!)
Since they are inherently suited to our climate, native plants require very little water and care once they are established.
Plants used in this garden.

Planting a Native Garden  (Watch it!)
Don't fight what nature gave us...plants that are native to the area are both beautiful and water-efficient, since they thrive in the arid San Diego climate.

The Water Conservation Garden  (Watch it!)
Cuyamaca College's water-wise garden in El Cajon demonstrates how xeriscape gardening techniques can be applied to your landscape.

Hot Composting at Home
Learn the techniques of composting with heat and have fresh compost ready for your plants in just three months.
Complete instructions.

CTN's "Down to Earth" airs daily at 12:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.