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CDC's Healthy Swimming

Soap Up Before You Splash in the Pool

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Swimming Pool

Make sure your trip to the local pool or water park doesn’t end in illness.  County health officials are kicking off National Recreational Water Illness Prevention Week by educating the public about things in and around the pool that could make them sick.

“Germs on people can contaminate others in the water, even when there is enough chlorine in the pool. Take a shower with soap before you go into the pool to reduce the risk of illness,” recommends the County Department of Environmental Health Director, Gary Erbeck.  

One culprit is a diaper, even those designed specifically for swimming. Parents should change their child’s diaper often, do it in the restroom – not at the poolside, and always wash their hands after changing a diaper.

In addition, anyone with diarrhea should stay out of the pool and public water attractions.

Also, children and adults should avoid getting pool water in their mouths.

Another important reminder for parents: there is no substitute for adult supervision to keep kids safe when near the water.

National Recreational Water Illness Prevention Week is a campaign led by the Centers for Disease Control in cooperation with state and local agencies.  

The County Department of Environmental Health inspects the more than 6,400 public pools in the county.  More information about pool inspections is available on the department's Pools and Spas page.