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County Launches "Go Solar...San Diego County"

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Go Solar logo

April 24, 2009

The County of San Diego today announced the launch of “Go Solar... San Diego County,” a new Web-based, step-by-step guide designed to assist San Diego property
owners interested in financing energy efficient improvements.  The green energy, public-private partnership program is located on the County’s Web site.

This practical reference site helps property owners access banks offering financing for solar energy systems and making energy efficient improvements. Visitors to the site will find:

  • Answers to the most frequently asked questions and a general program overview;
  • Information about licensed contractors who install solar panels and energy-efficient devices;
  • Potential financing sources through participating banks;
  • Details on the County’s building permit process;
  • Information on property tax exclusions for most solar improvements.

This public-private green energy program was designed to support solar energy and energy efficiency and, ultimately, energy independence.

“Go Solar... San Diego County” is the first time the County has offered educational resources and financing sources for green energy and energy efficiency all in one site.
Helping San Diego County residents go green will stimulate much needed job creation, improve the environment and empower home and business owners to have more control of their own energy usage.  The effort to make San Diego a greener region will benefit the environment by improving energy efficiency, producing clean energy and reducing greenhouse gases.

Additional information on the “Go Solar... San Diego County” Web site.

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